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With over fifteen years experience in conducting psychiatric evaluations, New England Psychodiagnostics now offers Forensic Telepsychiatry access to nationally known experts. Comprehensive psychiatric and neuropsychiatric evaluations are available to almost any location in the United States. New England Psychodiagnostics specializes in personal injury and employment stress claims including psychosomatic disorders, and workers compensation claims. In addition, evaluations are performed for competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, and testamentary and estate planning capacity.


Through video conferencing, Forensic Telepsychiatry is a convenient format for conducting evaluations, medical-legal consultation, and expert testimony, with greater numbers of conferencing facilities and private conferencing systems found even in remote locations. New England Psychodiagnostics uses advanced conferencing with a HIPPA secure platform ( which can interact with a client's own computer (or smart phone) for ease and privacy.


Telepsychiatry is an increasingly common method of conducting evaluations and providing psychiatric services. In 1998, the American Psychiatric Association endorsed telepsychiatry via video conferencing for a variety of purposes including Forensic Telepsychiatry. Numerous research studies have recently supported the reliability of telepsychiatry assessment as a cost effective and client accepted modality.


Forensic Telepsychiatry eliminates cost of travel for experts and clients without sacrificing quality of expertise because of inaccessibility. Many law firms, agencies, and courtrooms now have video conferencing available eliminating the costly travel.


Research studies have shown that clients being evaluated both for clinical and forensic purposes by telepsychiatry are invariably satisfied and comfortable with the process. With Forensic Telepsychiatry, clients are less intimidated and quickly become comfortable in the video format. Some studies have indicated that even treatment outcomes using telepsychiatry are no different than in traditional face-to-face encounters.

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